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Established in 2019, our Company has been creating the magic of deck staining in Columbia, MO. We are the protectors of your adorable decks, thanks to our superior workmanship maintained since inception. Our experts, with an unyielding dedication go above and beyond for our clients. We bring a holistic approach to maintaining longevity and style for all types of deck staining.

Experience the pinnacle of outdoor excellence with Apex Wash & Seal. Our exceptional services will surely exceed your expectations, as we include top-tier solutions for deck staining. Get connected to Apex Wash & Seal as we divulge the hidden abilities of your deck, protecting it from weather and tear while enhancing its inherent beauty.

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Enhanced Aesthetics

Our staining process can protect decks from various elements, enhancing their beauty. The stain we use accentuates the inherent grains of your deck.

Adding Value

We enhance the value of your home by deriving maximum enjoyment from your deck while retaining the alluring appearance. Our goal is to establish an inviting space outside.

Extending the Durability

Our deck sealing process in Columbia, MO protects your planks against moisture and prevents insect infestation. Our stains act as a protective barrier extending longevity.

Brilliance of Deck Staining Supremacy

Catch up with deck staining, sealing, and stripping wizards. We at Apex Wash & Seal ensure meticulous attention to detail, bringing flawless precision to your decks. We understand that in a climate like Missouri, sudden erratic changes in temperature cause wooden planks to swell and contract. This leads to loosening and splitting.

Also, algae, mold, and mildew tend to thrive on the surface. This is why our experts soak your deck with a biodegradable and eco-friendly detergent to loosen the stains and prevent algae growth. We then pressure wash the surface and prepare for staining.

Preserving Prosperity with Apex Deck Maintenance

We use superior-quality stains to prevent racks, wraps, and rots. We are also into deck stripping in Columbia, MO as required, ensuring complete peace of mind for every Missourian. Our superior deck staining involves a safe process without going beyond affordability.

With a bit of tender loving care and a fresh coat of stain, witness your deck's magical transformation, embellishing your ideal gathering space. Take blemishes out of your deck with Apex Wash & Seal. Reach our experts today and request a quote!

3305 East Clark Ln 
PMB 123 
Columbia, MO 65202
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