Christmas Lights

Light Up Your Christmas With Apex

You have been trusting us with your house maintenance. Now let Apex worry about Christmas decorations at your home as well. Stop worrying about taking out the extra time to shop, install or take down Christmas lights. We have got you covered.

Like, they say - “Christmas is too sparkly … said no one ever.”

Why should you choose us? Because Apex will:

  • Put up the lights.
  • Take them down after the holidays.
  • Store the lights until the next season for you to reuse.

Wait, there’s more. Apex also offers:

  • Full Service Christmas Lights Management
  • Premium Experience & Service at an Economical Price
  • Beautiful and Bright Lights available in any Color Combination
  • Zero Inconveniences for You!
  • Free Service Calls: We handle everything at no extra cost!
  • Lights Custom-Fit to Your Home
  • Cost-Efficient and Green Service
  • Commercial Grade C9 LED Lights
  • Light Colors are fixed, they do not change and are not animated

What does C9 Mean in Christmas Lights?

C9 lights are the biggest of the traditional Christmas light bulb sizes. They look fantastic on any home and stand out much better than the smaller lights.

Contact Us For A Quote Today

For smooth and easy installations, call Apex right away. We will not only install and take the lights down but will fix anything that might go wrong during and after. Just give us a call on our toll-free number and choose from installation packages starting as low as $399.

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