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With Apex Wash & Seal, we Make it easy!

Apex Wash & Seal is a professional exterior cleaning service for windows, siding, concrete, decks, gutters, and more. With services like indoor and outdoor window washing, deck staining, and gutter cleaning -- we know you will love the quality of service we offer for you and your home or business.

Don't risk water damage to your home, or put off the hassle of getting a professional clean. Our soft wash exterior cleaning takes pressure washing to a new level, getting your exterior surfaces cleaner without damaging them with high pressure washing devices.
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Christmas lights

Stop worrying about taking out the extra time to shop, install or take down Christmas lights. We have got you covered. Learn More about Professional Christmas Light Installation

Why choose a Pro Clean?

There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional window cleaning service like Apex Wash & Seal.

Hiring A Professional Cleaning Service Is More Effective And Safe!
When you choose Apex Wash & Seal, we will bring the right tools and equipment for the job. You also don't have the added hassle of putting yourself or your employees at risk while performing cleaning for your windows! 

A Professional Window Cleaning Saves Time!
Taking time to clean your windows can be daunting. Our professional team of expert cleaners can do the job more efficiently and in less time... take the hassle out of cleaning and choose Apex Wash & Seal.

Extend The Life Of Your Windows!
Dirt, debris, build-up, and hard water can damage your windows over time. These sediments etch into the glass and cause scratches, causing the view from your windows to be distorted. Professional cleaning from Apex, removes these corrosive materials and reduces the likelihood of chips, cracks, and more.

Spring Power Washing and Deck Staining Specials 

Spring is just around the corner and it's time to get those projects booked, we are here to help with incentives to get your house and decks looking new again with pressure washing and deck staining services at great rates. 
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